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With over three decades piano tuning experience, Dave Robinson has provided quality services to clients throughout New Jersey by providing them with the professional care they deserve.
Great service begins and ends with experience and Dave's experience shows with each piano he approaches. Dave prides himself on completing projects efficiently and on schedule, and going above and beyond to form lasting relationships with his clients.

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Dave provides the highest level of piano tuning.  Pianos are to be tuned to A440 which is the standard pitch across the industry.

Pianos need regular tuning to maintain the clarity of tone and the pitch of the instrument.  Pianos go out of tune when the normal seasonal humidity changes occur.  When the heat is turned on, the humidity drops and the soundboard contracts causing pitch to go flat.  Likewise, when the heat is turned off, the humidity level rises and the soundboard expands causing the pitch to go sharp.  Tuning twice per year is recommended to keep your piano in tune 12 months of the year.  At a minimum, pianos should be tuned at least once per year to maintain the overall pitch. When tuning is neglected for three to five years or more, the instrument may need a pitch correction in preparation for tuning. To determine whether or not the piano requires a pitch correction the pitch must measure within 15 cents of the standard to be within normal tuning range. A pitch measurement greater than 15 cents indicates the need of a pitch correction

Piano Tuning


All repairs, great and small.

Pianos have over 10,000 moving parts. Simplified, these parts are regulated to time the keystroke to the hammer touching the string.  There can be any number of problems that can cause stuck notes, double striking notes, clicks, squeaks, pings, zings, buzzes and much more. Pedals are also considered moving parts and can need adjustment. Case parts such as music desks and benches that are loose or broken can be repaired.

Key Repair


Pianos should be kept clean.

Pianos harbor dust, particularly inside a grand piano.  Cleaning includes removing the dust and debris from under the strings and inside the action.  Light cleaning of dust should be done every year.  Heavy duty cleaning is required on instruments which have not been cleaned in very many years.

Piano Tuning
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